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We live in a rapidly changing landscape where people and urban areas are displacing the places for the wild ones to live. Who speaks for the animals? We will.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Osprey - Guide of Lovers and the Heartsick

Symbol of Royalty and the Sun,
Illumination, Authority, Sovereignty,
Visionary Power, Vigilance, Communication,
Egyptian Symbol of the Soul,
Hermes, Psychopomp, Messenger,

The Osprey is a beautifully marked member of the Hawk family; a fisher which dives from the air directly into the waters of ocean waterways, lakes and rivers to spear its watery prey. Often mistaken for a eagle, the Osprey has nearly an all white head, but sports a mask of black across its eye. Its tail feathers are a deep golden brown, with black spots; its beast and under-wings white. In eastern North America, the Osprey is found along coasts, but sometimes ventures inland hundreds of miles.

Like all hawks, the Osprey carries the symbolisms of power, vision, and spirit; thus, its association with Hermes, or Mercurius, god of communication and messenger of Heaven. At home in the air (mind), Osprey brings us together through lies; not the lying of lower dimensions, but Great Lies that make up Creative process Itself: clever redefinitions, arguments or perspectives which free persons caught in the past from their taboos, forbiddings, or self-imposed exile from love. Free of human concepts of good or evil, Osprey finds ways for both winners and losers in life to walk away feeling that they gained something from their experiences. Thus, diplomats, businesspeople, liars and thieves all are aided by such totem animals.

A trickster, Osprey even has the power to trick humans into loving one another again. Water is also the element of our emotions; diving into our emotions opens us to new softness in relationships, opening of the heart-spaces, and willingness to take greater risks for the greater good. Osprey sells us so cleverly on our need to be open that we never even suspect he’s different from other predators. Whereas they take, he gives. While you lose your wishes, your needs, your hope, and your will, you find out later how much you’ve gained. You learn how to love yourself so you can give others the love they need!

Are you lying down on the job of developing your own potential? Have you given up on life? Osprey's lies trick us into faith that divine love will never abandon us, guiding us as the gods might towards service or some other life focus until we can re-establish our will-to-live. His mask deceives us into believing that some other gods might be here, guiding. In fact, he is the only one. He is our own unknown potential for love and majesty, hidden but manifesting lies to free us of divine illusions. He is the voices of loving self deception for purposes we might never understand. He is teaching us that we are creators, liars, losers or winners, experiencing this loving lie that is life itself. And in the end, he ensures that we understand this.

Osprey is different than other hawks in important respects. No other member of the hawk family leaves its natural element of the air (Consciousness) to enter the element of water (the Unconscious). Even fish eagles like the Bald Eagle do not enter the water, but clasp their fishy prey with their claws as they skim along the surface of the water. In fact, a large portion of the food of eagles comes from fish stolen from ospreys.

Like Hermes, the Osprey is allowed to enter the Underworld as psychopomp, guide of souls, to bring treasures back and as your totem can lead you there to find the lost parts of yourself. The Underworld is the personal and the collective unconscious, symbolized by the element of water. Entering these nether regions are often dangerous, and without the power to return the mind (air) can become lost and descend into madness. Osprey brings us back into ordinary life after our dark nights of the soul.