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Monday, June 26, 2006

Weasel - Silent Observation

Sly Circumvention, Silent Observation
Ferreting out of Secrets
Totem animal of Royalty, Liars and Thieves,
Salesmen, Businesspeople, Travelers,
Diplomats, Magicians;

Solitary by nature, Weasels are small carnivores who feed upon mice, other rodents, insects, lizards and other small animals. With their short legs, taloned claws, and long bodies, weasels are fierce hunters, stalking their prey silently and stealthily until they can attack from ambush. They can follow mice and other rodents right into their holes and burrows. Most of their prey is then taken back to their dens, which are also in underground holes, where it can be eaten safely.

Weasel medicine is the ability to track and ferret out prey surreptitiously. Stealth and silent observation are the prominent characteristics of weasel people. Because they are small, sly and stay hidden, they bring people with this totem the ability to 'listen in' without being noticed by others. Such people are very good at picking up secrets others would never tell them.

Because weasels are small, they are vulnerable to larger predators, so weasels—and weasel people—should never take on more powerful competitors directly. But then, they don’t need to. Stealth, cunning and expert use of camoflage is one of the more successful survival strategies in the wild.

Society usually holds that direct confrontation is the measure of a man or assertive woman. But all too frequently, confrontation with a more powerful person leads to loss of a job, a dangerous physical conflict or loss of an opportunity. Weasel people seldom are promoted into the top positions in business or industry. They are not leaders. However, they make superb leutenants, because they will execute orders with cunning and stealth. Many are caught up in the rules of righteousness or ethical behavior. Weasel people have to rid themselves of such attitudes in organizational politics, because these attitudes expose the individual to overpowering force from more powerful forces. Weasel survives through flattery, subterfuge, lies or near lies, ambiguous answers or excuses. He may not be well liked, or even in a powerful position. But he survives when others get their pink slips.

Weasel people are often solitary, but get along well enough with everyone. The "Eddie Haskel" of the animal kingdom, they take what they need and are not ostentatious about it. They don’t poke into other’s business or step on toes. They really want no trouble from anyone, but they can deliver a ferocious “bite” if attacked. Even larger “predators” tend to be cautious with a weasel person, and if they should make an enemy of a weasel person, learn never to turn their back on them.

Weasel deals with competing animals furtively, and can dispose of their competition and provide for themselves without danger to themselves. In Nature, survival is the only criteria of success of a species, and those who would learn from nature would do well to emulate the successes of weasel, who often lives and prospers in the shadow of more powerful and dangerous animals. His survival depends on knowing when a dangerous predator is in the area as well as where to seek his own food safely.

Silently watching and listening, weasel people know who is “in” and who is “out,” which way a decision is going, and who is a critical ally in any situation, using that information to position themselves in any organization. They keep their own counsel, remain silent and uncommitted, avoid taking positions in disputes prematurely, wait to see who takes which position. Then, they make themselves useful to others so that they are seen as an ally to people on all sides of any dispute.


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