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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Goat - The Ecstasy of Nature

Fertility, Vitality
Creative Energy
Lust, Unbridled Sexual Powers
The Sin of Lust

Goat carries a number of symbolic meanings that give him both positive and negative messages. Goat has long symbolized sexual lust, but sexual energy is the very energy of life. Therefore, goat gives us vitality to live our lives with passion and enthusiasm for sexual relationships. Without the passion of sexuality, fertility is lacking, both in procreation and in creative pursuits. The body also requires sexuality to move energy efficiently. Those who become and remain celibate often “dry up” and lose energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for life.

Obsessive focus on sex however is generally considered a negative personality trait of some men, whose interest in the opposite sex is primarily focused on their need for sexual activity rather than intimacy or commitment. Women recognize such men and rightfully think of them as Old Goats!

Goat is a negative symbol in Christianity, which gives Goat an association with Lust as Sin.

In Greek mythology, the god Pan was half human, half goat in appearance. He played a flute which he used to lure the unwary into the wilderness. He was known for seducing human women into orgies in nature. Pan symbolized the Ecstasy of Nature; that Life and its Creation is sexuality. Pan draws our attention to another realm of Reality—a Realm where sex is neither immoral nor ‘good’, but simply a Law of the Creator. Sex is Sacred in this Realm of Nature of the Old Ways before Man decided to make lust and sex a sin.


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