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Monday, May 29, 2006

Badger - Keeper and Teller of Stories

Bold Self-Expression and Self-Reliance

Badger is a keeper of knowledge of the Earth and her animals. In her dens below the ground, she hears the Earth speak and knows much about Her wholeness. Badger brings these stories she hears far below the ground up into the light and tells them to the children of the Earth. She sees below the surface of life and understands what she sees and hears. So she is the Story Teller of the animal kingdom.

Badger is carnivorous and eats many smaller animals. As she takes these animals within her, she absorbs their knowledge and stories.

Incredibly tough and resilient, badger has been known to take the kill from a mountain lion. Very few animals will take on an adult badger. It is an incredibly fierce fighter.

Badger is an unsociable animal. It does not “relate” well with others-even its own kind. It looks after its own needs. Those who would feed off badger or her kills soon learn that they had better look elsewhere. One might think that an animal such as badger would be lonely, but she is quite comfortable in her aloneness, self-reliant and centered. Badger needs no one to make her happy because she is grounded and comfortable with her self.

Like other members of the weasel family, badger is cunning. Provoke her and she’ll make you sorry you did. She has immensely powerful jaws and razor sharp claws. Try to move her and she’ll dig into the Earth and not be moved.

If badger has come into your life, you should ask yourself: are you looking beneath the surface of things? Have you become ungrounded and too ethereal in your spirituality? Do you need to get grounded. Are you giving away your power to others by depending on others to meet your needs? Are you comfortable in your aloneness? Are you disconnected from the Earth and its animal spirits?

If badger is one of your totem or power animal, you are fortunate for she will help you to live in the present in your power. And when you are ready, she’ll help you tell your story to others so that they too will feel their own power, their love for themselves and their wholeness.


Blogger rach said...

she has come to me very unexpectedly and quite frankly, scared me as well the first time, until i started doing some research of her traits and representations - i see some similar in myself that are present and many that are missing or have been 'lost' and need to become part of me once again to 'fight' which i really didn't want to do anymore..now i assume i must do in a different way - another lesson learnt while on my journey away as i met an 'earth angel'-

3:31 AM  

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