Speaker for the Animals

We live in a rapidly changing landscape where people and urban areas are displacing the places for the wild ones to live. Who speaks for the animals? We will.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Badger - Keeper and Teller of Stories

Bold Self-Expression and Self-Reliance

Badger is a keeper of knowledge of the Earth and her animals. In her dens below the ground, she hears the Earth speak and knows much about Her wholeness. Badger brings these stories she hears far below the ground up into the light and tells them to the children of the Earth. She sees below the surface of life and understands what she sees and hears. So she is the Story Teller of the animal kingdom.

Badger is carnivorous and eats many smaller animals. As she takes these animals within her, she absorbs their knowledge and stories.

Incredibly tough and resilient, badger has been known to take the kill from a mountain lion. Very few animals will take on an adult badger. It is an incredibly fierce fighter.

Badger is an unsociable animal. It does not “relate” well with others-even its own kind. It looks after its own needs. Those who would feed off badger or her kills soon learn that they had better look elsewhere. One might think that an animal such as badger would be lonely, but she is quite comfortable in her aloneness, self-reliant and centered. Badger needs no one to make her happy because she is grounded and comfortable with her self.

Like other members of the weasel family, badger is cunning. Provoke her and she’ll make you sorry you did. She has immensely powerful jaws and razor sharp claws. Try to move her and she’ll dig into the Earth and not be moved.

If badger has come into your life, you should ask yourself: are you looking beneath the surface of things? Have you become ungrounded and too ethereal in your spirituality? Do you need to get grounded. Are you giving away your power to others by depending on others to meet your needs? Are you comfortable in your aloneness? Are you disconnected from the Earth and its animal spirits?

If badger is one of your totem or power animal, you are fortunate for she will help you to live in the present in your power. And when you are ready, she’ll help you tell your story to others so that they too will feel their own power, their love for themselves and their wholeness.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Goat - The Ecstasy of Nature

Fertility, Vitality
Creative Energy
Lust, Unbridled Sexual Powers
The Sin of Lust

Goat carries a number of symbolic meanings that give him both positive and negative messages. Goat has long symbolized sexual lust, but sexual energy is the very energy of life. Therefore, goat gives us vitality to live our lives with passion and enthusiasm for sexual relationships. Without the passion of sexuality, fertility is lacking, both in procreation and in creative pursuits. The body also requires sexuality to move energy efficiently. Those who become and remain celibate often “dry up” and lose energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for life.

Obsessive focus on sex however is generally considered a negative personality trait of some men, whose interest in the opposite sex is primarily focused on their need for sexual activity rather than intimacy or commitment. Women recognize such men and rightfully think of them as Old Goats!

Goat is a negative symbol in Christianity, which gives Goat an association with Lust as Sin.

In Greek mythology, the god Pan was half human, half goat in appearance. He played a flute which he used to lure the unwary into the wilderness. He was known for seducing human women into orgies in nature. Pan symbolized the Ecstasy of Nature; that Life and its Creation is sexuality. Pan draws our attention to another realm of Reality—a Realm where sex is neither immoral nor ‘good’, but simply a Law of the Creator. Sex is Sacred in this Realm of Nature of the Old Ways before Man decided to make lust and sex a sin.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Spider - Weaver of Webs (Fate or Karma)

Guardian of Ancient Languages and Alphabets,
Polarity and Balance, Creativity,
Death and Rebirth,
Magic of Writing,
Gentleness with Strength.

Spider has long had symbolic meanings in many cultures through history. To Native Americans, spider's archetypal form was Spider Woman, a trickster immortal who might help the seeker or devour her. Often, the seeker must pass a test or answer a riddle before Spider Woman decides whether the seeker is to be helped in her quest or eaten for lunch.

In India, Spider symbolized the Laws of Cause and Effect. Her webs held humans fast in their illusions (Maya) until their learned that their own actions had caused their painful life experiences. Once learned, Seekers found her need was kindness, and they discovered their Dharma.

Her eight legs speak of the Mayan Twenty Count, where Eight is the number of the Laws of Cycles and the Book of Life. When we have lessons written in our Books of Life, they are karmic requirements. So when Spider lays down the Law, we must listen and do as she tells us. The Seasons of our Lives have their time. We must accept the natural cycles of birth, existence and death.

Spider teaches us that everything we do has consequences which may carry well beyond this life. Do No Harm is Her Lesson.

Spider wove the web of the Universe. When morning first came to the Universe, the dew drops glistened on her web in the dawning sky, and the First People named the points of light in the skies “Stars.” She was called First Creator for many Aeons.

Spider symbolizes three magics: The magic and energy of Creation, the magic of writing, and the Magic of the Spiral or Labyrinth.

Spider is the Guardian of ancient languages and alphabets. In old myths, letters were created from the patterns and angles in spider webs. Spider gives the gift of writing which can catch others in their webs of thought and emotion.

Possibly because the female of the species sometimes eats the male after mating, Spider has been associated in some myths with Death and Rebirth. She is also associated with the Moon.

In her dark aspect, Spider is associated with murder and horror. Out of mankind’s primal past, an image has also come which causes both men and women to recoil in terror at the touch or close proximity of Spider. Spider reminds us how we too once were prey of animals which ate us.

If spider has come into your life, you should ask yourself: are you caught in a web of karmic issues? Do you keep holding onto the things in life you shouldn’t? Are you in pain because you can’t let go of losing and winning? Do you need to spin a new web of dreams and life directions? Do you blame others for your not getting your needs met? If so, call on Spider to aid you. To find Her, you will need to go down into dark places within yourself to find your own answers to your frustrated needs. Spider often also brings the gift of writing; do you need to write?