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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Raven - Magic & Mystery

Messenger between Heaven and Earth,
The Unexpected, An Omen of Death,
Shapeshifting, Power of Languages,
Scavenger of the Darkness (Unconscious).

Like Coyote and Mantis, Raven is an animal which frequently appears in the creation myths of the First Peoples. Raven can be wise, assiduous and heroic, but it might also be greedy, cunning and foolish. Raven is unpredictable. Raven is chaotic happenstance, change in the form of coincidence (or synchroniticity?) at the worst time. Because of Raven, we might experience catastrophe or miracles. Who can tell? Life is a constant surprise.

The Norse god, Odin, had a pair of ravens who served him as messengers. Their names were Munin (memory) and Hugin (thought). So too do our own thoughts and memories serve to link us to what is divine because our own minds are the Mind of God.

Ravens are found wherever there is death. Death in life is simply change, dropping our compulsions to constantly relive the past and repeat our self destructive beliefs, behaviors, and ways of thinking. Descending in the Underworld, while still living, is the Hero's Quest, which begins with the Dark Night of the Soul, or shamanic death, in which a person is torn apart by animals of the underworld so the he can be reconstructed or remade. Death-death is physically dying and descending into the Underworld to be eaten as are other animals; ravens are the scavengers of the Underworld and feed on the dead. They humble mankind by showing us that as we eat other beings during life, we are eaten after we die. We return to the Earth as do all other life forms. We are not the Masters of Heaven and Earth we sometimes believe we are. We are subject to the same Laws of Matter and Life as all other beings.

By showing us our light and dark sides, Raven links the Light and Dark sides of existence. Raven teaches us that life as it is—with both positive and negative circumstances—is essential. He brings messages to the dreamer from the Unconscious (as thoughts or memories), and are thereby the agents of change in our lives. Raven 's message is that mankind is not simply made to live as beings of light and happiness, but also darkness and suffering. We are not to reject our dark, unconscious, instinctual sides, but accept them as a part of who we are. Accepting this is the first step to understand the wholeness of love, for love cannot expand if we are not allowed to experience its complements: hate and indifference.

Raven is watchful for danger. It is especially watchful for Hawks and for Owls who are Raven’s enemy, for if either finds Raven’s nests, the sky will rain death. Raven will mob Hawks or Owls for miles to drive them away. Owl is a creature of the Moon, symbolizing the power of the dark feminine, while Hawk is a creature of the day and symbolizes the light masculine. If you are a Hawk or Owl person, expect Raven--chaotic happenstance--to pursue you. So fly high and silent. Once at height, Hawk ignores Raven, so take the high road to be well in this case. If you are an Owl person, you carry the power of the dark feminine, e.g. the Unconscious Feminine. You can be cruel and without mercy. In the darkness, no one challenges Owl, so open to the darkness within you. You will discover that this is only one aspect of self.

Wherever Raven is, magic is there. Magic is the ability to let go of the past and change—death and rebirth. Like the Fool in the Tarot, Raven is both foolish and wise. He is trusting, innocent, dark and magical. Raven is the flash of lightning in the dark. Who knows what will happen? He keeps life fresh and exciting with his magic of life and change.


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