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Monday, April 03, 2006

Deer - Keeper of Magical Law

Gentle Luring to New Adventure,
Innocence, Return to the Worlds of Childhood,
Messenger of the Fairy Kingdom,
Swiftness, Grace, Love, Compassion,

In many myths of both East and West, the Deer plays a central role in luring Kings and hunters into the Deep Woods where adventure finds them. The Deer is the Keeper of Magical Law. Wherever Deer is, the Seeker will encounter the magic of the Wild Places. In the Legends of King Arthur for example, Sir Gawain found adventure after following a White Hart into the Woods.

The Deep Woods symbolizes the Unconscious Realms of our Minds, but a friendlier dimension than the Ocean as a symbol of the Unconscious. It is a place where magic can still be encountered—where the fairy kingdom and the Old Gods still live. Those of us who have to grow up lose the memory of the wonder of those fantastic realms of fantasy, where once we could see and hear the fairies, where once the birds and animals talked to us. Childhood’s time is so short, and children today must grow up so fast. The Real World of adulthood won’t tolerate fantasy or play or even the willingness to let the mind roam into unworldly possibilities. The older we become however, the more we need to recall the gifts of youth and Nature.

When we reach the point in life when our enthusiasm for life wanes, when we need to go back and rediscover what is important, Deer will lure us into our Deep Inner Woods to find those magical realms where life was once bright and new. Deer can return to us the awe and passion we once felt about Life and living here in Earth’s Light.

Because of its connection with ancient legends of kings and chivalry, Deer takes us back into the times of Romance, when Knights and Kings courted beautiful damsels, fought great battles and hunted the deer with horse and hound before the coming of Christianity. Deer takes us back to learn the ancient wisdoms of Ages past and can remind us of the times before guilt and sin was the basis for religious experience. And Deer can reawaken the spark of lost Love in the old who need to rekindle the inner fires of romance and living from the Heart.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the Deer is the antlers of the male animal. Antlers symbolized antenna, which attune one to higher realms. If Deer has entered your life, expect new awareness of the magical realm. You should watch for the awakening of new psychic gifts and perceptual abilities of the subtle realms.

In rutting season, bucks can become very aggressive, and have been know to attack and humble human hunters. The masculine character can emerge whenever the feminine is ready to receive him. The Buck can become aggressive and masculine when the Doe accepts him.

On the feminine side, Deer may draw us away into fantasy when we ought to be grounding ourselves and facing the need to be present in our lives and face our everyday problems. Deer’s senses are sharp, and he can sense trouble when still far away. Deer runs away to hide whenever danger comes. This is understandable for children, who need fantasty to cope with harsh experiences and learning about themselves. But living in the Deep Woods, in those fantastic realms, is not good for grown men or women for long periods. It can become a habit to escape reality in fantasy if we are not very careful. There comes a time for coming out of the woods and confronting life’s issues.

Immaturity is also symbolized by the immature deer, for the deer appears a fragile and fairy-like creature. Young people for whom Deer is their power animal may fear for their safety in our rough and tumble youth cultures. Many learn to shy away from confrontation and aggressive youths to avoid hurtful situations. Middle school and high school years are difficult periods to pass through. Young bucks practice fighting with one another, separating from females and adults, and can make life difficult for many more timid boys and girls. But they should remember that maturity can bring new opportunities to discover their real strengths, and the time will come when few will dare to confront them directly. Few animals have the combination of ethereal beauty, speed, grace and strength of Deer when they grow into their maturity.


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The deer are special, senstive, loving, gentle, kind, playful, honest, and even trusting naturally. They are the keepers of the forests, the waters, trees, and love. I love them so much.

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