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We live in a rapidly changing landscape where people and urban areas are displacing the places for the wild ones to live. Who speaks for the animals? We will.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crocodile - Guardian of the Threshold

Guardian of the Gates to the Underworld (the Unconscious),
Guardian of Mystical Treasures and Wisdoms,
Primal Energies of Birth, Death and Initiation,
Ferocity, Fury, Viciousness, Destructive Power,
Keepers and Protectors of All Knowledge,
Primal Mother, Fertility and Power, Fecundity,

Vegetation, Hypocrisy, Insincerity.

Crocodile guards the Gateway to the Underworld of the Unconscious. Her great mouth is the entrance into the Waters of the Unconscious, which is the domicile of the Great Mother. She therefore symbolizes the unconscious aspect of the Sacred Feminine.

To be swallowed by her is akin to Jonah’s being swallowed by the Whale. Her bite is death, and in her jaws the seeker is torn to pieces so she can be reborn as a new person. This is the Shaman’s Death.

The waters of the Collective Unconscious are dangerous waters for the unwary adventurer, for many get lost here and never find their way back from the Underworld. Madness lurks there. But here is where the Seeker must venture to discover the lost aspects of her self. They are also protectors and guardians of the wisdom and treasures to be found into the dark waters of our minds and hearts.

Crocodiles are excellent mothers. They guard their young and nurture them. Occasionally however, they suddenly turn and devour their young. Unpredictable, primal, savage, and ferocious, they symbolize both Life Mother and Death Mother.


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