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Saturday, March 04, 2006

TIGER - Wild Beauty and Power

Passion and Sensuality
The Master of the Life on this Earth

Anyone who has seen a Tiger knows that she has seen something special. Few animals possess the charisma, power and elegance of Tiger—or the deadly grace either. Today, Tiger’s numbers have been decimated by poachers, but once his range extended from Siberia down into the southeastern Asian peninsula. In Siberia, Tiger’s prey is largely wild boar; in southeast Asia, the Bengal Tiger’s prey is deer. These animals should also be studied by all who have Tiger as their totem.

Tiger is a solitary hunter. The males range over vast ranges, while the females stay in local areas, raise their kittens, and hunt at night, teaching their young to hunt. Unlike many cats, Tigers love the water, enjoying a good swim in hot weather to cool off.

Tigers are prominent in the mythologies of several eastern cultures. In India, Tiger is linked with the goddess Kali, who signifies creation, destruction, sexuality and death. Although her presentation in the West is usually as simply dark and violent, Kali is a goddess with a long and complex history in Hinduism. Her earliest history as a creature of indiscriminate violence and wrath still has some influence, while more complex Tantric beliefs sometimes extend her role so far as to be the Ultimate Reality and Source of Being. In China, Tiger is a sign of the zodiac and is an archetype in astrology indicating a personality characterized as adventurous, passionate and powerful.

Tiger is the Master of Living on this Earth; Tiger can give us all the time and lore we need to take command of our lives and live 'at the edge.' If you are dreaming of Tiger, you are being offered the opportunity to create new dreams, if... you are willing to take risks, dream big dreams, step out of old patterns of loss and victimization.

Deer people are generally gentle and compassionate people, but in the dark may become victims of more aggressive personalities. If you have deer in your archetypal matrix and dream of tiger, watch out! You may find yourself growing aggressive and charismatic as Tiger’s needs emerge. People may begin to recognize something dangerous in you and treat you with more respect.

Boar people are warriors. In history and myth, the boar is the symbol of intrepidness. A champion among wild beasts, he encounters enemies with nobility and courage, and has thus come to signify the traits of bravery and perseverance. But although he may face Tiger with courage, he is no match for this cat. Boar people who dream of being eaten by a tiger might become a Tiger.

In his dark aspect, Tiger—like Kali—can be violent and unpredictable. Tiger males are dangerous to a tigress’ kittens, and will kill and devour them if not protected. Males have been known to savage their mates. Tigresses, on the other hand, are devoted and self-sacrificing mothers, and will starve themselves if their kittens are going hungry. Tiger is one of the few animals left on the earth who will stalk, kill and devour humans. Every year in India, a number of humans are killed by tigers when they wander into tiger country.

If you have lost your dreams and your passion for life, Tiger can bring it back. Tiger is wild beauty and power beyond your wildest dreams. Tiger lives in deep woods, so if you are willing you must go deep within yourself to discover the wildness and fierceness of ancient times.


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