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Thursday, March 02, 2006

RHINO -- Ancient Wisdom

Rhino is a surviving animal from the age of giant mammals and the earliest times of pre-human and human existence in the dark continent of Africa. Rhino speaks to each of us from the deep Unconscious—from the times when ancient lineages of mankind hunted on the savannah in small groups and faced ferocious predators that far exceeded us in strength and ferocity.

While Rhino is today endangered by man’s predation, he still teaches us in dreams and wakening moments, when we open to the flashes of memory of earlier ages, when our senses suddenly come alert and wary at the sight of a stranger or potential danger to ourselves or our families. Rhino gives us sudden aggressiveness when needed to defend our selves and our young.

Rhino is heavily armored against predators. Still, he feels the stings of the insects and parasites of his home ranges in native Africa. Fortunately, rhino has an ally in the oxpecker bird, who is Rhino’s friend, picking parasites from his skin and relieving rhino of their painful stings.

Like rhino, modern man learns to armor himself with “thick skins”, so others cannot hurt him with their stinging comments, criticisms, or rejection. Man’s armor keeps him from feeling the pain of feeling unloved, but it also keeps him from being open to life and from feeling pleasure in his body. So one of the tasks he has on the journey of life is to put off his own thick skins and become more open to others. Man must learn that real self-love allows him to detach from others opinions and thoughtless comments so that their barbs and criticisms don’t hurt so much. Man can learn to feel love and compassion for others still armored and lost to themselves.

The name “rhino’ refers to the distinctive horn which grows from the nose of this huge ancient animal. Those who dream of rhino should contemplate the symbolism of the nose. In myth and dreams, the nose is associated with personal power, instinctive knowledge, or discriminating and intuitive knowledge. When instinctive knowledge and discriminating wisdom leads, the individual becomes a formidable force within humanity.

Rhino can teach you to be yourself. Although not a “seer”, rhino is ancient power well lead through instinct. If rhino appears in your dreams, look for the appearance of allies from the dimensions of spirit. In the same way that rhino is aided by the oxpecker bird, you too have spiritual allies, whose needs complement your own, who will aid you in dealing with parasites and biting foes.

Rhinos are solitary animals. They can teach those who must journey into themselves in search of ancient ties, past lives, or love for themselves to be alone and be well with their aloneness. Like Rhino, such persons are likely to be a solitary throwback to earlier ages, when man lived close to his instincts and to Nature.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I collect Rhino's and have for many years now. I had a dream once and in that dream it was clear to me that I must remember to protect that sacred essence that others might otherwise take advantage of....

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