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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Eagle

Nobility, Great Spirit’s Bird,
Messenger of the Spirit, Spirit of the Sun,
Pride, Triumph, Fierceness, Power,
Liberty, Liberation, Illumination,
The Father

Eagle has so many regal associations throughout history, it is difficult to list them all. The Eagle has inspired many cultures. Kings and Religious Orders in countless cultures have used the symbol of the Eagle to symbolize that which is Spirit, Noble, and Inspiring.

In the religion of ancient Greece, the Lord of the gods, Zeus, was said to shapeshift into an eagle to control the thunder and the lightning. The Sumerians worshipped an eagle god, and the Hittites had a tribal symbol of a two-headed eagle indicating that they were vigilant. To the Romans, the eagle symbolized Jupiter and the Roman Empire. To native Americans, the eagle represented the ancient mythological Thunderbird, which symbolized punishment and reward and controlled the thunder and lightning.

There are several types of eagles, including fish eagles, sea eagles, snake eagles, harpy eagles, bald eagles and golden eagles. Each type carries unique associations in their symbolism. The only eagles on the North American continent, however, are the bald and golden eagles. The bald eagle is larger than the golden, cannot fly as high and is not so graceful as the Golden. The bald eagle is a symbol of the feminine, whereas the golden eagle symbolizes the masculine. As a fish eagle, the bald eagle symbolizes the spirit of man which reaches down into the unconscious to discover the truth about himself. The Golden Eagle is a booted eagle, possessing a mantle of feathers on its head and neck (which give them their fierce look) and feathers on its legs that look like boots.

Among native Americans, eagle feathers are used in healing ceremonies and pipe ceremonies and for war bonnets of the chief. Warriors earned their feathers, which they wore in their hair in battle and ceremony to give them a connection with spirit. In their prayers, warriors called to Eagle--Wombade, Great Spirit’s Messenger--to carry their prayers to Great Spirit and bring Visions.

In dreams, eagle symbolizes spiritual victory, the triumph of spirit in matter, the spiritual principle of humanity, illumination, nobility and mind. Jung felt that the eagle symbolized the Father God. Among early Christians, the eagle symbolized resurrection.

Those who would align themselves with the medicine of the eagle will surrender to the Will of Spirit, surrendering ego
; we are our own Spirits in this encounter with the Lord of Wind and Fire. Alignment means aligning with one’s soul force energies, balancing the masculine and feminine within, and being well with living Life as a human being on this Earth.


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